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Metamorphic is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping companies bring new software products to market, and helping complete projects that are not meeting their deadlines.

There are several areas where we work:



We are often called in by the GM or director of a business to help define and/or refine new business offerings and turn them into realizable activities.


We will often take risks with our customers - tying our financial success to theirs.  This is particularly important when we are providing strategic advice about what represents a marketable item - our customers know that we believe what we say because we take a stake in their success.


Sometimes projects fail because the vision is not clear or because the leadership cannot gather the appropriate information and disseminate it.  We work with our clients to develop products but also to make sure communication is working both up and down in the organization.

Board of Directors

We have taken a seat on the board of directors of some of our clients because of the quality and diversity of the assistance we provide.


Aside from providing advice, we will also implement the strategies we propose.  This is especially important when a customer has tried and failed on his own in a particular area and needs something done quickly.  Some of our technical expertise lies in:

  • Mathematical Modeling (hold a patent in simulated annealing)
  • Business Modeling (cost of operations analysis, ROI tools, process modeling)
  • Compilers / language translators (makers of VB to C++ translator among other translators)
  • Application Conversions (automatic and manual translations)
  • Software Localization (developed methodology for D&B for translation into 19 languages)
  • Performance Tuning (for several clients this has been algorithmic changes that resulted in orders of magnitude differences)
  • Web sites (many such clients)
  • Expert Systems (developed a high-end customer requirements/vendor capability mapping system) 


We have helped companies from the size of Avaya, D&B and PaineWebber to companies of smaller size bring their products to market and manage their businesses.


Our business model is a unique offering and the process necessarily begins by interviewing line-of-business managers to identify their priorities and pain-points.  The first meeting will result in an assessment that almost always leads interesting insights into areas for improvement and /or new business possibilities.


Metamorphic put together a management team to buy out ChapterClick Systems. The new company formed was called veotag. Call us to find out how we can get your company launched.
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