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Call us if you want to discuss a new product idea. We will spend a day with you and help you determine if your pie-in-the-sky can be turned into a profit. The first visit is on us.

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Our Partners:

- veotag
- BlenderBox
- NetTheory
- InfoTech
- Electra


Download Instructions For VB To C++ Converter:

1. Run the Version 5.0 Installer by clicking here.

2. Your userid is 111-1111111 for demonstrations.

3. The demonstration version can convert only 1 form at a time. Try it on calc.

4. Call us at 1-212-512-0567 if you have any questions or send email to:

5. After you see how great the product is, call us and order a copy.





Metamorphic recently put together a management team to buy out ChapterClick Systems. The new company formed was called veotag. Call us to find out how we can get your company launched.
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