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Sales Tools

Metamorphic has developed sales support tools for our clients that have successfully:

Improved sales people's persuasiveness through:

  • Sound, comprehensive financial arguments
  • Focused and quantifiable comparisons of functional advantages vs. competitors
  • Explicit mapping of customer needs with vendor offers
  • Trained sales forces to respond to competitive arguments
  • Facilitated sales discussions of key financial and functional issues with customers
  • Automatically generated customized sales support media
  • Enhanced sales revenue and profitability
  • Shortened sales cycles by performing analyses which would otherwise take longer for both sales people and customers
  • Improved overall sales productivity

Our expertise includes:

  • Business expertise to convert strategy, offers and processes to end customer financial benefits (demonstrable experience taking high level requests and developing detailed tools)
  • Research expertise to identify/develop industry parameters
  • SWAT team focus to produce results quickly (simultaneous requirements definition and tool design)
  • Our customer focus produces results that are better, faster and less expensive than internal development. We often develop tools that clients couldn't develop themselves.
  • Let us help you make money by improving your sales effectiveness and/or internal business processes!

For more information, call us at (1) 212 512 0567.

Metamorphic recently put together a management team to buy out ChapterClick Systems. The new company formed was called veotag. Call us to find out how we can get your company launched.
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