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Current Product Offers

Sales Tools

    When making a sale you want to quantify your financial advantages. Working with our team, building on our ROI tool platform, you can quickly develop tools that will help you convince your customers of value your service or product. These tools are targeted towards the CFO or business line manager with decision making power. Find out more here.


    AboutYou™ helps your sales force do a consultative sale. Working from business needs towards the product or service your company as a supplier can provide to help your client, AboutYou™ allows you to sell higher and close faster. Find out more here.

Visual Basic To C++ Translator

    Our first product and still the only automated translator. Get it here.

Omnis Microsoft SQL Server® Enabler

Metamorphic has developed an automated conversion tool for users of OMNIS native databases to enable them to instantly upgrade their system to simultaneously support Microsoft SQL Server® and OMNIS native databases using the same code base. Find out more here.


    Metamorphic partnered with ISC to develop an award winning Call Center Management and Scheduling package. Find out more here.


AboutYou™ View The PowerPoint

What Problem Does It Solve?

  • Your sales force cannot relate your products to your customers’ business needs (this often masquerades as a failure to “sell high.”)
  • Your product set is rich or highly technical
  • Your sales force cannot keep up with product and marketplace changes

How Does It Solve The Problem?

To solve these problems, you need to develop a methodology that includes:

  1. Eliciting a customer's needs
  2. Constant availability of industry specific data
  3. Data on your products which allows your sales force to relate the business needs to your offerings

What Does Metamorphic Do?

AboutYou™ is a combination product and service. We work with you to develop industry specific data so your team can do a consultative sale. If you want to see a PowerPoint on this click here. Metamorphic has teamed with InfoTech to do its research.

For more information, call us at (1) 212 512 0567.


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Metamorphic™ VB To C++ Converter

Full Product Description

Translate Visual Basic code to 32-bit C++ code. The product includes a C++ Beautifier for post-processing the output of the converter.

Technical Specifications

Translates Visual Basic code to MFC 5.0 or higher. Generates resource file dialogs for forms, 1 C++ class per form which is implemented as a .cpp and a .h file. One .cpp per application. .BAS files translate to a .cpp file and all globals are declared in a global .h file. Generates a .mak file and a .mdp file. A conversion log is provided for details about the conversion.

Includes the source code to a run time written by Metamorphic.

Click On The Box Shot To Download A Working Demonstration Of The Product

Metamorphic™ VB To C++ Converter
Digitized Box Shot




Metamorphic™ VB to C++ Developer Edition US$995.00 Single User License

Metamorphic™ VB to C++ Workgroup Edition


10-User License

Metamorphic™ VB to C++ Corporate Edition


Site License

Electronic Delivery Only. Delivery of the box is no longer available (as of 1/1/2003).

Metamorphic recently put together a management team to buy out ChapterClick Systems. The new company formed was called veotag. Call us to find out how we can get your company launched.
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