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Omnis Microsoft SQL Server® Enabler

Metamorphic has developed an automated conversion tool for users of OMNIS native databases to enable them to instantly upgrade their system to simultaneously support Microsoft SQL Server® and OMNIS native databases using the same code base.

The benefits are:

  • Upgrade your existing client base as they are ready
  • Automated tools for conversion of existing databases to SQL Server
  • Automated tools for generating OMNIS schemas
  • Take advantage of SQL Server performance
  • Improve client acceptance by using an open database
  • Greater database capacity

Implementation steps:

  • We run the conversion tool on your existing code base
  • We instrument your code to support both databases simultaneously
  • We provide you with tools that let you automatically convert your client databases to SQL Server when they are ready

This product was developed by experts in compiler theory and databases. If you try to develop this yourself it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and a minimum of 6 months for 2 people. You can be up and running with this conversion in one day!

Pricing runs from US$2,500 for a small conversion to US$25,000 for a large conversion. This fee includes training, documentation, and assistance until your product runs in SQL Server and can automatically convert your client code.


For more information, call us at (1) 212 512 0567.

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