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Scott Rhodes
Metamorphic Computing, Corp.
14 East 4th Street; Suite 602
NY, NY 10012
(212) 674-6027

Metamorphic Revolutionizes C++ Development With A VB To C++ Converter

NY, NY, October 27, 1996 – Metamorphic Computing, Corp. (MCC) today announced a new product which allows programmers to develop C++ code up to 100 times faster than previously possible. By prototyping in Visual Basic and then running the code through the VB To C++ Converter the user gets compile-ready code. The conversion is as simple as pointing at the source, naming the output, and pressing Finish!. The conversion takes only seconds to run.

The VB To C++ Converter allows users to take existing Microsoft Visual Basic programs and translate them to C++ supported by Microsoft’s MFC. By leveraging the MFC, this product permits programmers to use a single code-base across the Microsoft, Apple and Unix platforms.

The VB To C++ Converter performs the natural translation of all the Visual Basic elements. The converter addresses all parts of the application: the forms, the dialogs and the resources. It generates one C++ class per form, and one C++ class for the application. It also creates the appropriate makefiles so the programmer can begin using the code straightway.  A conversion log is provided for details about the conversion.

The product is shipping now and includes the source code to the run time written by MCC, and a C++ beautifier. For more information call MCC at (1) 212-674-6027 or visit their Web Site:

MCC develops, markets, and supports computer language translation software. MCC is privately held and is NY-based.

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