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Scott Rhodes
Metamorphic Computing, Corp.
14 East 4th Street; Suite 602
NY, NY 10012
(212) 674-6027

Metamorphic™ Announces COBOL to Java, COBOL To VB, and COBOL To C++ Converters

NY, NY, January 27, 1998 – Metamorphic Computing, Corp. (MCC) today announced a new product that allows programmers to migrate existing legacy applications up to 100 times faster than previously possible. By running COBOL code through the Metamorphic™ Converter the user gets compile-ready code. The conversion is done on as a service by MetamorphicSM and is available in several different options. No other company offers as fast a solution, nor has the breadth of conversion tools for moving COBOL code.

The Metamorphic™ COBOL Converter allows users to take existing ANSI 85 COBOL programs and translate them to Java 1.2, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, or C++ supported by Microsoft’s MFC. By allowing the user to select his target language, he can select the appropriate target platform and technology to solve his business problem today.

The translation options available are (1) straight conversion with no tuning – designed for the fastest turnaround (2) conversion with tuning – designed for customers who need help revolutionizing their existing process (3) direct purchase of the converter.

The product is shipping now. For pricing and more information call Metamorphic at (1) 212-674-6027 or get more information at

MCC develops, markets, and supports computer language translation software. MCC is privately held and is NY-based. Metamorphic™ is a registered trademark for Metamorphic products. MetamorphicSM is a registered servicemark for Metamorphic consulting services.


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